CASHétPay lets you control and release your AP payments and get paid for it. One simple-to-use system:


  • eliminates touching and routing paper
  • creates secure, 100%-digital approval of your AP
  • maintains your existing AP workflow
  • introduces zero hard costs to your production and…
  • can increase your CASHét rebate by 4-5x!


To learn more about CASHétPay, click here or contact us.


CASHét PCE/Digital Approval is a dynamic, 100%-digital approval system for processing CASHét pcard envelopes:


  • eliminates hard-copy receipts & top sheets
  • mimics your current production/studio approval flow
  • adapts to production’s changing approval-flow needs
  • is safe and convenient
  • is baked into the CASHét portal for no extra fee


To set up a training on using CASHét PCE/DA, contact us.

Production Credit Card

Credit cards with custom profiles, admin oversight with granular controls, the CASHét MasterCard® is the only tool needed to get productions up and running. With profiles designed to prevent abuse, Fraud Alert Texts to confirm transactions, and a cash rebate for every dollar spent using the CASHét card, its no wonder that both crew and accountants ask for CASHét by name.

Production Travel Card

The CASHét Portal provides travel booking specifics with the click of a mouse, making reconciliation a breeze. Dedicating a CASHét MasterCard® to your production’s travel needs maximizes your rebate while helping prevent fraud! Our service is flexible, with physical or virtual credit cards, and highly detailed travel reports, and access to these reports can be limited to select clerks.


Create a virtual card specifically tailored to one transaction or set defined parameters for billing and re-billing. CASHét’s E-payment options are an incredibly convenient and efficient way to pay for crew hotel stays, make large orders from online suppliers or make fast purchases when its time to shoot.

Online Training

CASHét was designed by accountants for accountants – but that doesn’t mean it isn’t user friendly for cardholders and others! Personal training, Step-by-Step one sheets, real-time client assistance plus after-hours cardholder support is just part of our ongoing commitment to training and client services.