More Film. More Business.

Control your budget, enjoy discounts and get cash back on every dollar you spend on your production. Vendors—tap into our large aggregate production spend.

Bring the project, we provide the CASHét.

The CASHét credit card gives film producers benefits including cash rebates, discounts with vendors, credit, clarity and controls in connection with their film production spending via a custom MasterCard® which also gives vendors complete assurance of payment immediately.

CASHét preferred vendors benefit from a large aggregate buying community with secured payment and scalable targeted volume buying. This film production community was previously hundreds of individual productions that can now be addressed in one group.

Over 250 feature films and television productions have successfully used CASHét and received tens of thousands of dollars in discounts and cash back.

  1. 1
    Get Credit

    Get Credit

    secured credit, easy set up

  2. 2
    Get Cards, Get Online

    Get Cards, Get Online

    control, analyze spending

  3. 3
    Use Cards

    Use Cards

    earn 1% no cap on purchases

  4. 4
    Use Preferred Vendors

    Use Preferred Vendors

    receive additional savings


How the Card Works.

CASHét card is a true credit card. The CASHét card provides all the features, controls and security of a credit card AND ALSO INCLUDES all the functions of a P-card. Productions can issue multiple cards, each with their own spend profiles allowing for customized limits on transactions, time of use, etc. Any profile can be attached to any card, and this can be managed instantly online, creating maximum flexibility while on location.

Card controls allow productions to limit the use of the card to specific catagories (eg. fuel only), specific days or hours.

24/7 customer support by CASHét staff with expertise in production accounting.

Online account services allows:

  • Easy view of overall account and card status from the home screen.
  • Access to cards to activate, block or order new cards instantly.
  • Real-time transaction reporting.
  • Seamless interface to PSL®, Ease®, Indieware® and MediaWeb® accounting software.
  • Full transaction reporting data downloadable into Excel®.
  • Check available balance by card and overall production account.

What you get when using the CASHét Card.

Cash rebate of 1%* of every dollar spent with no limit. Money back into your budget.

Single Swipe - Virtual Card creation online to pay vendors securely and quickly.

Real-time oversight and control of spending in every production department.

Paying production costs with the CASHét card does not affect state incentives.

Concierge level customer service from CASHét account service representatives with production accounting expertise.

Cash rebates and discounts for expenses with CASHét preferred vendors in the hotel, rental car, and Air Lines. See our current deals HERE. Other deal announcements coming soon.

* 1% cash rebate is based on standard terms and conditions of weekly invoicing and payment within 7 days. Certain spend thresholds may need to be met in order to receive the full 1% cash rebate.

Comdata MasterCard

Lights, camera, (get in on the) action.

Lights, camera, (get in on the) action.

Access to billions of dollars of film budgets in one place.

CASHét Card is the first custom credit card designed for the filmed entertainment industry’s multi-billion-dollar production sector. We’ve brought together the formerly scattered production community into a collective buying force. All Productions share very similar spending patterns and needs.

CASHét Card’s strategic vendor partners will enjoy film business volume increases in targeted channels, plus the potential of engendering brand loyalty among entertainment decision-makers and talent.

CASHét’s deal structure is success-based with our vendor partners and simplifies the rebate procedure with monthly transaction reporting to the vendors where desired.

If you are interested in being one of our preferred vendors please contact us.

About Us

CASHét Card brings together two leaders in global entertainment financial services, whose clients’ expenditures top $3 billion annually.

Cashet was created by the people behind Film Finances Inc. and Fintage House who together have combined film and television business experience of over 90 years and their film clients collectively represent over 90% of the entire independent film business sector. Both companies have a global reach and offices around the world.

CASHét currently has offices in Los Angeles and Nashville. CASHét’s card issuing partner is Comdata based in Brentwood, TN. Comdata has more than 40 years experience in the credit card business and processes more than $40 billion a year in purchase transactions via their own secure data network. Comdata is a registered trademark of Comdata Network, Inc.

The CASHét Card is issued by Regions Bank pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated. MasterCard and the MasterCard Brand Mark are registered trademarks of MasterCard International Incorporated.

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To access these deals, purchases must be made with the CASHét Card. As always, please contact CASHét’s dedicated service team for more details on any program:

Paul Rogers
phone: (310) 275-5032