Technology And Integration

Tools that are simple, powerful, and immediate.

CASHét was designed by veteran production accountants and experienced programmers to bring the entertainment industry a software suite and payment solution uniquely tailored to the pace and challenge of film and television production.

CASHét gracefully integrates with virtually every production accounting software, making CASHét the right solution regardless of the software you would like to use. CASHét specifically has a dynamic integration with Classic Vista, Global Vista, and Smart Accounting, for efficient and streamlined work flow.

In addition, CASHét raises the bar on production accounting standards via online transaction verification, expense reconciliation and card management – just some of the many features available in the CASHét Portal.

And CASHét is on the cutting edge of card utilization through the development of universal ePay and Total Disbursement solutions, which, as with all CASHét spend tools, come with granular controls for the production office and smooth, easy-to-execute oversight at the Finance Executive level.

Lastly, CASHét functions seamlessly in the modern world of purchasing with a very easy to use phone app for managing card status, tracking spend and capturing receipt images on the fly – which automatically appear in the CASHét portal for immediate cost accounting.