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CASHét was founded in 2012 by Kurt Woolner, of the market leader in film completion bonds Film Finances, and Robbert Aarts and Niels Teves, the founders of Dutch financial services giant Fintage House, with a vision towards revolutionizing production purchasing and payments. Since its inception, CASHét has become the premier payment and accounting resource for virtually every studio, network and independent production in the entertainment industry in North America. While our core business is based on a system designed by production accountants for production accountants, CASHét is expanding its suite of services, and will soon be applying its same winning formula to related entertainment industries and beyond.

Team CASHét


Paul Rogers

President and COO

Paul brings to CASHét a wealth of leadership and business acumen, with dual strengths in both finance and IT. Paul has launched several entertainment business start ups and has 20 years experience in the global music publishing business. The author of the original business plan and employee number one of CASHét, it is his leadership and vision which has shaped the company into the success it is today.


Shawn Gillespie

Executive Vice President, Operations

With 30 years in the production accounting industry, Shawn Gillespie is almost as well known as CASHét itself. From small independents to some of the biggest films in the industry, from network television to premium cable, Shawn’s experience is the backbone of CASHét’s operations.


Bill Phillips

Director of Utilization

Bill joined CASHét in 2015 after more than 20 years leading the Accounting Departments of countless major film and television productions. With a deep background in production accounting, Bill handles client requests impacting system upgrades and functionality, with a special focus on integration with accounting software and AP.


Roger Ging

Chief Technology Officer

Roger has been with CASHét since its founding in 2012. His career-spanning background in building data management systems for companies in the entertainment space has made him the foundation of the I.T. infrastructure here at CASHét, and an integral part of its ongoing development.


Carles Guerrero

Senior Network Administrator

Carles signed on with Team CASHét in 2014. Since 2004 he's been a certified IT Systems Administrator and in 2010 graduated a Systems Computer Engineer. His background includes building servers for individual business needs and extensive IT Customer Service and software support, with a special focus on Systems, Networks and Security. Currently Carles is responsible for architecting computer and IT solutions via both CASHét's data center and the Cloud.


Jennifer Kaye

Director of Implementation

Jennifer joined CASHét in 2014 after more than a dozen years in the insurance industry. She has an extensive background in sales, management, and financial services. A gifted operations and work-flow developer, today Jennifer heads CASHét's Implementation Department; she leads the team responsible for application submissions, account set ups, and client on-boarding.


John O’Neil

Vice President, Client Relations

An integral part of CASHét since 2014, with a special focus on both employee development and the client experience, John brings more than 25 years of leadership across multiple disciplines, including human resources, marketing, client services, system analytics and risk assessment to his role as VP of Client Relations.


Verlette Franck

Director of Client Training

Verlette Franck is an entertainment industry veteran with more than 20 years of experience, including an extensive background in production incentives and corporate finance. Verlette joined CASHét in 2016 to work closely with clients and help them learn how to best navigate the CASHét website in conjunction with their accounting software. In addition, Verlette assists clients with technical support and training.


Renee Kitterman

Senior Account Manager

Renee became part of Team CASHét in 2018. With more than 20 years in Film and Television production accounting she brings a wealth of real-world, practical experience to CASHét's client support, with a particular focus on administrators and accountants.


Colleen Wainwright

Director of Risk Management

Colleen Wainwright joined CASHét in 2017 via a circuitous route through several entertainment-adjacent fields. After a stint in Implementation, she's settled down in Operations, where she oversees the fraud department, as well as the release of CASHét's weekly statements. This is her favorite job ever.


Mary Beth Pinkowski


Mary Beth joined CASHét as our Controller in 2018, coming to the team with 5 years' experience in accounting management. Mary Beth strongly believes accounting is about more than just crunching numbers. For her, accounting is a crucial part of customer support, providing useful financial data to company and client alike. Although a recent addition to the CASHét team she has already proven herself invaluable to both teammates and CASHét's clients alike.


Paul Ging


After more than five years in the web development field, Paul joined the CASHét team in 2018, where his special focus on user interface and client side coding has been invaluable. Currently Paul's role at CASHét is to create and maintain functionalities within the web application.


Ray Quinto

Financial Analyst

Ray brought an 11 year background in both the law and financial programming to CASHét when he joined the team in 2016. At this time he is an instrumental part of the Fraud Department at CASHét, while also serving as both financial analyst and client support.


Michael Foy-George

Account Manager

Michael has been in customer service for almost twenty-five years, with seventeen of them in the credit card industry, joining CASHét in 2016. Previously he worked for CASHét's card processor Comdata, and while there was the account representative for CASHét almost since the company's founding. Michael manages CASHét's Fraud Alert Text program. In addition, he works with the National Bank of Canada to ensure payments for Canadian accounts are posted smoothly and in a timely manner. He also is the point person for new spending profile additions.


Jay Coughlin

Client Liaison

After close to twenty years working in customer service and guest relations, Jay joined the CASHét team in 2016. Currently a Customer Liaison, Jay works with cardholders and account administrators in daily operations, helping them navigate the CASHét site and utilize the CASHét MasterCard® to their best advantage. Jay is originally from the East Coast, and happy to be working with CASHét, the leader in the field of entertainment production cards.


Michael Patrick Coughlin

Client Liaison

Michael came to the Client Services team at CASHét in 2017, with more than 20 years of experience as a career professional in the entertainment industry on both the creative and production sides. As a Customer Liaison at CASHét, Michael specializes in providing premier service solutions to production accountants, administrators and cardholders. His clear communication and helpful approach facilitates a best-in-industry experience to every CASHét client he engages.


Tara Hall

Implementation Coordinator

Tara has been with CASHét since 2018, focusing on top quality client service. With more than 15 years experience in many facets of the entertainment industry including writing, research, and production, her skill set is well suited to a payment solution designed by production professionals for production professionals. Tara's knack for problem solving on set allows her to immediately identify with CASHét clientele and help them best utilize their CASHét card and the CASHét portal.


Kate O'Brien

Implementation Manager

Kate joined CASHét's Implementation Department in 2017 after spending many years in production. Her natural talent for organization, communication and follow-through are now put to excellent use shepherding new CASHét clients through the on-boarding process, assisting with client queries, and providing overall cardholder and administrator support.


Greg Lewis

Implementation Coordinator

Greg Lewis came to CASHét in 2018 as a member of the Implementation team. Prior to joining CASHét, Greg spent most of his career working in the entertainment industry. He worked in Acquisitions for Paramount Home Entertainment and in Technical Operations at Sony Pictures Television. Previously he was Chairman of the Board of Directors for City of Peace Los Angeles, a non-profit youth development program that promotes cross-cultural understanding and conflict resolution.


Marcus Moncibaez

Client Liaison

Marcus Moncibaez joined CASHét in 2017 in the role of Office Administrator. Marcus has a strong background in office management, customer service and the hospitality industries. Enthusiastic and personable to a fault, he primarily handles receptionist duties, client support and various other administrative tasks. His is the friendly voice that will most likely greet you when you call CASHét, and his genuine care for clients is a hallmark of the CASHét experience.

Tatiana Post

Tatiana Post

Cashet Services GA

Tatiana studied Radio Television & Film at the University of Texas at Austin and graduated with her Bachelor of Science. After her seventeen years as a Production Freelancer, working her way through the office as an APOC, POC to Supervisor.

She joined CASHét in 2013 as a true veteran in the production industry. She brings her experience and relationships as well as extensive knowledge of how production really works.

She currently is a representative for CASHét Services in Georgia. This is the vendor side of CASHét providing deals for clients using CASHét on various production services.




Gwendolyn Biship Gillespie, informally known as ``Peanut,`` takes her responsibilities as CASHét corporate mascot very, very seriously. It is rumored that her years abroad as one of the most sought-after models in Europe was merely a ruse, allowing her to function in her true role as a deep cover espionage agent for a global security force. Long retired from the madcap world of international fashion, she now puts her extensive talent and experience to use investigating other people's lunches for possible snacks, exploring the pantry at CASHét World HQ for possible treats, and taking long naps after the exertion of seeking out snacks and treats.